Holy Gossip! Does Batman Have a Son?

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If you have been living under a rock for the last fifty years or so, you might not have heard of Batman. Shame on you. Let me fill you in. Batman is the most badass comic book superhero to ever be created. Batman has a sidekick and a butler, not because he necessarily needs a sidekick or a butler. That's just how a bat flies.

Caped vigilante of justice has a son

Batman's real identity is of billionaire Bruce Wayne, a playboy philanthropist by day, and a caped vigilante of justice by night. On the outside, Batman is cool and calculating. But the Bat grew a heart when he took in an orphaned boy. Under Batman’s wing (no pun intended for once), this boy grew up to be the ultimate sidekick, Robin. Over the years, the Batman character has seen many changes, but recently Batman has had a revival of sorts, this time with a much darker and more mature tone than in previous years. Son of Batman takes this whole approach one step further with an even more mature nature that kicks Robin to the curb.

Batman and his sidekick

New chapter for the caped crusader

In Son of Batman, DC Universe has opened a new chapter for the caped crusader. This new chapter involves Batman having a love child with Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the infamous leader of the League of Assassins, Raz al Ghul. Batman’s son, Damien, donning the wardrobe of Robin, steps into the role of the sidekick in order to fight crime alongside Big Batty.

The story opens with Batman learning that he has a child and if you’re thinking that this is going to be a Bat family hour, you are quite mistaken. When Raz al Ghul is allegedly murdered by the sword-slinging Deathstroke, Damien begins to travel down a road of revenge, violence, and bloodshed that may be too intense for a younger audience. However, does this make for a good animated Batman movie? If the current score of 75 out of 100 at Rotten Tomatoes is anything to go by, then yes, yes it does.

Top notch voice acting

The movie clocks in at around the hour and a half mark. The pacing is fast and can be hard to follow along with if you aren’t paying attention. The voice acting is top notch with memorable performances by the whole cast. Jason O’Mara lends his voice to the role of the Dark Knight. Talia al Ghul is voiced by Morena Baccarin and Damien is voiced by Stuart Allen. The main villain, Deathstroke, is brought to life by voice actor Thomas Gibson. The movie is based on the Batman and Son comics written by James Robinson. Son of Batman was directed by Ethan Spaulding and the movie was produced by Warner Bros.

Batman takes a backseat in the Batmobile

Son of Batman is a new and fresh take on Batman and it is kind of surprising to see Batman take a backseat in the Batmobile to his illegitimate love child…but hey, it kinda works. In short, Son of Batman is worth the time it takes to watch, and maybe even a little more.

... and in case you've lost it - What was the name of Batman's son again? He's name is Robin or the real name - Damian Wayne, a child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Now you know.


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