New Batman Pumpkin Carving Patterns With Instructions

Just around Halloween DC Comics have decided to come out with a new set of DC-themed pumpkin carving patterns for the October of 2015, dedicated to some of the best known Batman villains. Available in .pdf format, ready to download, print and cut out on your pumpkin, you have an option to choose between 4 villains: Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and the Creeper.

You can download and print them from this page this page and this is how they look like: If you visit that page, you will see 4 images, and if click on any of them you will get to a page with printable pattern image in pdf format.

This is just a preview of how it looks like (the originals are on dc comics page) in case of Harley Quinn. According to some comments if appears that the Harley's pattern was the most appealing one of all.

In case this is your first jack-o-lantern carving, you might be needing some help, so check out the video below with the instructions on how to use these patterns properly.

Pumpkin Carving Patterns: How to do it properly

In short, these are the steps to take (pin hole method):

  • 1) start either from the top or bottom, doesn't matter
  • 2) work with the knife at 45 degree angle
  • 3) cut out an eye shape at the top larger than your fist
  • 4) de-goo by cutting it out with a knife or by using a scraper
  • 5) reach in with your hand and start grabbing it all out
  • 6) completely clean and wash out your pumpkin from the inside
  • 7) dry it out well
  • 8) cut the paper around the pattern from all sides
  • 9) position the pattern exactly where you want it and tape it download
  • 10) if you don't have a special piercing tool that comes with the pumpkin carving kit, use a plain push pin
  • 11) take a push pin and go around and every inch you want to go ahead and just push that hole right in there. Completely follow the entire pattern all along every single black line.
  • 12) remove the paper adn pour over a baking soda, flour, whatever and brush off the excess to make the patter easier to see.
  • 13) insert the knife on 90 degree angle, move the knife up and down following the lines, poke it all out when finished.
  • 14) Clean out the edges and you're ready to go.

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