Telltale Games builds a New Batman Game Series - Coming Up in 2016

A Telltale Games Batman has been confirmed to be releasing in 2016. Now let's talk about this Telltales Games Series and what's going on with this Batman story driven series.

Who is Telltale?

Telltale Games is an independent developer, a gaming company based in San Rafael, CA, USA founded in 2004. It's one of the most innovative companies in gaming field at the moment and is well-known for their gaming series: The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Tales From The Borderlands, Minecraft Story Mode, Games of Thrones, Jurrasic Park and Monkey Island...So obviously they make arrangements and partnerships with broadly known TV channels and big entertaining companies such as HBO and there are many others.

So, what are they up to now and how's that connected to Bataman?

This time they are starting a partnership with the Warner Bros and DC Entertainment to have their take on The Dark Knight. So far they've been quite successful in what they do, so time will tell whether this move will take them even higher or the Batman was a bite off they can't chew.

When can we expect first episodes?

We should be able to download the first gaming 'episodes' for PC, Mac and mobile devices during the next year (2016). Exactly what this games are about and exactly when we should expect to see one, remains unknown for now. What we do know is that they will represent some sort of unique interactive storytelling animation.

If you don't know what telltale game is basically it is the episodic point and click story driven games, so you play as the central character and you have these character choices and dialog choices that can change the game in many different ways. And it's episodic and it's season based.

This is probably the best opportunity to show us the detective side of the worlds greatest detective The Dark Knight. That sounds very intriguing especially the fact that he would be dealing with corruption as well as villainy, you know the corruption kinda comes from the mob and everything like that. Maybe we will see Carmine Falcone who knows. Considering this is a point and click game you can't really experience much action like you would in Arkham Game per say. So to provide this much more deep story, more personal story the detective work would work best especially for Telltale games as they could create some great nraveling mystery.

Check out the official trailer below. As you can see, it feels quite odd and artistic and it doesn't reveal too much.


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