Second Best Top List Of Not So Good Batman Games of All Time

What a weird title for a Batman games top list. Well, the reason behind is that I already did a top list of batman games a while ago - it was my article about Top 10 Batman Games Ever.

But since than I came across few other really cool games which were not enlisted there but deserve to be mentioned, so I decided to amend the list and squeeze in a few more titles BUT in a complete new article. And because I've I already have "the top" and "the best of the best" list, now I must come up with something different and call this 'not best but very good' list of games about Batman. Whoosh. OK, here we go.

1. The Adventures of Batman & Robin For Sega Genesis

This game surprised the hell out of me. I was not expecting to have a ton of villains surrounding me and trying to take me down right at the beginning of the game. It's a good thing it's a two player game but if you're on your own you're not only gonna have to play as Batman but you've gotta believe you are the bat. Fight enemies from every direction, and just keep moving forward. There is no end until you reach the boss. But even though these seems like it's more frustrating than fun it ain't. It's actually very enjoyable game to play and especially with two players. And the boss fights are very cool. It's like you're on roller coaster on every level or kinda like in a dragon's Lair - you just need to keep on moving. Here's wiki page for more details: adventures of batman and robin on wikipedia

2. Batman Forever on Sega Genesis

This game has a huge majority of the haters and I understand, if you're playing it on the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo would seem like the best console to play this game and they screwed up the controls on Super Nintendo but on the Sega Genesis it's a lot of fun. Surprisingly even with only the three main buttons it plays out so much better than Super Nintendo version. So as long as the controls are good you're gonna get into it. First of all you can play co-op with a friend. Second, you can choose which weapons you want to carry on the next level. Third, you can encounter secret levels, a shitload of secrets. I've never completed a single level 100% since there are so many secrets and according to the back of the game box there are over 80 stages and over 125 awesome moves gadgets and attacks.

3. Batman Arcade Driver

This is seriously like the best arcade racer I have ever played. The game is just called 'Batman', but it's a new Batman arcade game because it has every single vehicle from the cartoon or even movies. You can even ride the Tumbler and the Batwing from the Dark Knight Rises. Other than that, the vehicles and the levels are insane. You get to choose which level you want to take on and there are separate iconic villains for each level. They do move around, like villains from the movie of the Incredibles but who cares. I wanna drive a Batmobile and stuff bad guys with missiles, bullets and explosions.

4. Batman Rise of Sin Tzu

There was a time when Batman was all I could think about and of course that time was right when the movie The Dark Knight was in theaters. My love for Batman grew at its finest and all I could think of was playing the Batman game that was close to resembling to Batman from the Dark Knight. So I tried many games out and than I eventually run into to this game. And although the console version may include more details and more content, Batman Rise Of Sin Tzu was a simple game that offered entertainment gameplay and the good story. And good villains. The characters all look like the ones from the Batman animated series when they change things up in the fourth season like Batman costume no longer being blue than out black and grey.

5. Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker (Game Boy Color)

Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker has a great majority of weapons like nunchucks and more. There are several cut scenes that go with a movie storyline you can hear conversations that go on in other rooms. There are plenty of boss fights and the music is just as bad as in the show. All this in the Gameboy Color Game you won'r regret trying it out as long as you're not too much in graphics because, common, it's Gameboy Color - they work with what they have.

6. Batman Begins for Game Boy Advance

The console version is also pretty good and players should try it out as well, but I recommend more the Game Boy Advance version, mainly because games during the PS2 generations still had a few things to work through like the gameplay and the camera was always at the fixed angle and most of the time it would get annoying. But when it came to the portable games you wouldn't have to worry about the camera being against you because games were still utilizing 2D style, and Batman Begins gives you everything you wanted from the movie. You can glide, hang over the ceiling, use stealth tactics, perform a good amount of different attacks, and the graphics are good for its time.

Everybody by now had at least played one of these games and even if that was just a demo you played that's more than enough to see how incredible these games are and how much potential they carry.


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