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For today's review we're gonna take a look at the new DC Collectable 7 inch scale Batman Arkhmam Knight Catwoman figure.

Now, this figure comes packaged in the same install packaging we've seen with the other Arkham Knight figures. You've got that window boxed packaging and the box is designed to look like Batman's armor and it tells us that this is figure number 7 in the series.

On the back side of the box we have a look at the figures in Wave 2: Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman and commisioner Gordon. This is the final figure to be released in this wave, while all the other figures have already been released.

The figure comes with a three different pairs of hands and they all have pointed tips at the ends of the finger nails for claws. She than comes with an elastic whip, that she uses to either whip things or used to swing or whatever. It's length is about 10 inches. And there's another one, rolled up whip which you can plugin into her right hip, because there's a little hole on the side. And so basically, so you can store folded up whip on her hip like you've seen in the video game. The figure stands just a little bit under 7 inches tall. The head is on the ball joints so she could look left and she could look right. Arms are tapped with the standard ball hands joints at the shoulders and arms are completely rotatable. She also has swivels at the elbow and at the wrists too.


  • The skin tone on the face and the neck and everything is a little bit on the pale side. I think a little more of pigment in the skin tone would have been nice.
  • And there's a little bit of red bleeding over on the googles.
  • You can't pull down or off the red googles or anything..
  • They could have maybe shown a little more cleavage. Seems like she shows a little more cleavage in the video game than what we see here, but nothing too major there.
  • Doesn't have a whole lot of up and down movements with the head.
  • Legs are little bit on the loose side.

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