Batman Arkham Knight - The Last Downloadable Content Just Released In January 2016

Rocksteady releases the latest downloadable content for Arkham Knight, update 1.13 (Janury 2016) for XBOX and PS4.


This is, as announced already, the last DLC, and it hasn't got much to offer. The DLC contains Crime Fighter Challenges, Batman AR challenges, Harley Quinn AR Challenges. They have also remastered some predators maps from the previous Arkham games like Arkham City (bat-cave), Arkham Asylum (medical facility) ... Iceberg Lounge from Batman Arkham City and Crime Alley from Batman Arkham Knight .. and Batman Monarch Theater from Arkham City. So it's pretty cool that they have remastered old levels or old maps from the previous games. And also we get one free Batman INC skin as well. Patch is 1.2 GB in size.

Some people are not particularly happy about how Rocksteady get things done with all these updates and how they take care of the game announcements and the release dates and how they communicate with their users. Listen up this "big long-time overdue" but interesting rant of the January DLC coming from a NexGenStriker:


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