Subway Batman Chase - Tap Your Bat-Way Out Of The Land Of Traps - Batman Mobile Game

Foehn Studio & TopArc Games bring Subway Batman Chase, cool android game specially suited for bat-fans this summer.

If you find old school Flash arcades too rough and vintage for your taste you might have expected to see a lot more from an android game made this or last year. But you will be surprised for worse.

The game is fast and action packed, there are no glitches nothing like that, but there's only one real character in it, which is Bat-kid and besides obstacles we don't see any other challanges put before out beloved superhero.

Another problem is that the game is just way too hard, probably because of the fact that the scrolling speed is not well balanced with the controls and the way you're supposed to use them. I mean, there's no way you can decide that fast to either cling on the rope or to slide down underneath the deadly spike. Nobody's that fast, not even Batman. And especially not if he uses single finger for all 4 movements.

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And one more thing. Beside the main character, nothing else implies that you are really in a batman game. I mean, you don't get to see rooftops of Gotham City, batmobile or any of those crazy Joker's goons. Batman is obviously on the run, for whatever the reason is, it's just you don't feel that. This way, the game feels as another game's rip off and tomorrow you might easily see Spider-man jumping over exactly the same obstacles without noticing any real difference. In other words, it's generic, which is something I don't particually appreciate.

Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:31 )

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