Gravity Jumper Batman Android Game - It is OK, not very bad!

Gravity Jumper Batman is last years game that picked up more than 100000 downloads on Google Play. If you ever tried to promote mobile app on any of the stores that you understand that's not an easy task to do unless you have really low competition in a high demand market conditions. Or you simply made a killer app, which is rarely the case. Let's find out where Gravity Jumper belongs...

First of all, when you say Batman I see a tall muscle figure, a silhouette covered in dark cape with a cool mask on. He's strong, talks little and fights bad guys on a daily basis. You don't know where he lives, who he is or how he pulls out his tricks or where does he buy his super-cool gadgets. Sometimes, in few games online, he looks a little bit different from what we expected to get. For example, in Gravity Jumper.

Ok, not very bad

By going through the user comments it's not easy to distinguish which are real and which are false comments (or fake ones). While some are praising good gameplay, easy controls with nice graphics others are worried about strange pop-ups and few tech-related issues with the game title and animations. With the score 3 out 5 game sits right in the middle so maybe the most helpful line which hits right in the center reds 'It's OK not very bad'

Umm, if I were to be asked, I would say that the game really doesn't have any gameplay. It's basically just a single level endless runner, where you tap on the screen to switch between top and bottom position. Batman is running on platforms and when you spot a gap between two platforms you need to tap on the screen to get Batman on the opposite side so he can avoid the gap. And that's it. The further you go the better. I think that 3 out of 5 is a fair score for what you get. Since I downloaded the latest version I can confirm that the issue with offset title still hasn't been addressed.

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Last Updated ( Monday, January 01 2018 19:32 )

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