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Gameloft's title, The Dark Knight Rises, is being rated very highly, with scores of 9/10 and above from different reviewers, including an accumulative rating of 9/10 on the iTunes Store. For the retail price of $6.99, your getting a pretty expansive game that at times doesn't feel like most mobile games.

If you've played the Arkham asylum batman games, the controls and movements of the characters are remarkably similar, and that was a very popular easy to use control scheme. this one is a little more dumbed down however, and in combat it seems all you have to do is button mash and its impossible to lose. In a system similar to gameloft's Spider-Man title, you can expect to swing and glide around your city, but instead of using webs, you'll be using your cape in combination with your trademark grappling hook.

The game is fairly long with expansive storylines that stick only loosely to the plot of the movie it is based off of. The Dark Knight Rises also offers the ability to purchase upgrades in all, either by accumulating points or using a credit card short cut to level up the Dark Knight's skills.

As far as graphics are concerned, batman himself is incredibly detailed when you consider it's a real time mobile game, and you may just be taken aback seeing his cape floating in the wind, wondering if your watching a movie! Some items in the game lack though, like the buildings you swing by, sometimes seem to be made of one layer of cardboard like on old Super Nintendo and Sega batman and Spider-Man games. But it's hard to complain with such an overall great open world experience, probably the best example available on mobile phones right now!

This game is definitely worth checking out for the $6.99 it retails at, as it definitely lives up to its high ratings! Here's the link to the Gameloft store.

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