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All in all, Cat and Bat run adventure is bad game with a long title,it's somewhere between a time waster and a waste of time - basically an endless runner, multi-level obstacle avoider. Batman is depicted as a non animated single static image getting scrolled horizontally across the screen, collecting apples (!?) - Really?

First impressions? Well, the superhero looks more like fat-man than the Bat-man, but OK. The music theme has nothing to do with the Dark Knight themes. Actually, it's an easy-going summer vacation tune played on the accordion. And on top of everything sleeping mode is not disabled so the screen keeps shutting off during the gameplay, which is not nice.

To complete one level you must get from point A to point B, across the horizontally leveled platforms with all kinds of obstacles: police cars, bushes, stones, and spikes. Batman is depicted as one single static image with no animations whatsoever. He just scrolls to the left or right and he jumps up when you tap the screen.

The game is not totally bad but I wouldn't give it more than 2 stars. It's pretty much basic and the developer really needs to work more on learning the programming technique, but it's a nice try and not too bad for a start.

Finally, after playing this game for about 5 minutes, I still couldn't see why they put 'cat' in the title. Cat or Cat-woman has nothing to do with this game. And those little red things that Batman keeps collecting are apples. Really?

Installation page on Google play: Cat and Bat Run Adventure Man - Android Game>

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