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Exoskeletons and Bionic Suits – Iron Men are Coming
Saturday, November 10 2012 16:04
Exoskeletons and Bionic Suits – Iron Men are coming

Bionic suits , also known as exoskeletons, are often mistaken to be a work of fiction, or at least to be a very recent high-tech innovation. However, the truth is that bionic suits have been around for quite a while now. Although nowadays several models are being developed for a wide range of applications, from medical to commercial and industrial use, their history stems from military research.

Iron man suite Mark 6

It is not surprising that the concept of bionic suits has always been in the crosshair of military. Although the human body is a fascinating and complex machine on its own, it has its physical limitations. However, with the help of a machine, a bionic suit, soldiers will be able to overcome these limitations and increase their endurance, speed, and strength all the while the suit protects them against the harsh conditions, giving them clear advantage over their enemies. It is this vision that has made the concept of exoskeletons so appealing to the military.

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Iron Man - The Beginnings
Friday, June 29 2012 17:53
Iron Man - The Beginnings

Iron Man is now one of Marvel Comics most popular characters ever, the Invincible Iron Man has risen to the top of the superhero pantheons to shine in his own light.

Image of Iron Man

With three movies behind him and his latest The Avengers achieving the status of the third most popular movie of all time, it's sure that you'll be seeing Iron Man in more movies to come.


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