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Saturday, September 08 2012 21:12
Batman vs Hulk - Who wins in the fight?

Batman vs Hulk - Marvel and DC comic cover

It's already been done in the Comic Book World where Marvel and DC Comics decided to make this unlikely but popular fight take place. Fans then way back in the early 1980s figured that this was a joke but piled in anyway to read the comic. Basically in the storyline the Joker cons the Hulk into a fight with the Dark Knight. Batman uses a bit of ingenuity to outwit the giant green monster and that's the only way Batman could beat him. However, the comic book could have taken other strategies into consideration.

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Tuesday, June 26 2012 19:09
Hulk - The Beginnings

The Hulk is Known to Marvel fans around the world as the ever lovin' Hulk, this green giant of an anti hero got his beginnings early in the Marvel Universe.

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Batman vs Hulk

Batman vs Hulk - Who wins in the fight?

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